Physical Education


Learners are introduced to and develop their skills in a wide variety of sports including team sports, individual sports, international sports, recreational sports and adventure activities to build their self-confidence, ability to work in teams, and communication skills. Pre-KG to Grade 4 students attend one PE class per week, while grades 5-10 attend two PE classes per week.

PE Teachers

We have eight male and eight female teachers, including one male and one female teacher for Pre-KG and KG children. We also have two teachers (one male and one female) to accommodate learners at different levels during swimming lessons. Two licensed lifeguards supervise our swim teams and also monitor and evaluate swimming classes with weekly reports to the department head. Throughout the year, AA provides its PE teachers with courses in specialized sports, conducted by highly qualified trainers, to further develop the teachers’ skills.

Teams & Facilities

Amman Academy offers after-school sports training programs that focus on developing athletic skills in boys and girls of all grades in football, basketball and swimming. The following sports facilities are available at Amman Academy:

· Artificial turf football field
· Artificial turf five-on-five football field
· Indoor gym with basketball, volleyball and badminton courts
· Year-round indoor swimming pool
· Outdoor basketball courts


The multi-purpose structure covers 880 m² and includes high-quality facilities for basketball, handball, badminton, volleyball and tennis. It houses storage space, toilets and additional rooms for sports instructors and guards. The building contains two multipurpose rooms for gymnastics, taekwondo, ballet, steps and aerobics classes.

Indoor Swimming Pool

Swimming is an integral part of our PE program. The school’s swimming pool can be used year-round. The pool, with its auxiliary facilities, covers an area of 700 m², with its depth ranging from 90 cm to 160 cm to accommodate all learners. Swimmers are supervised by two lifeguards at all times.

We have also adopted a number of safety procedures around the pool area that include but are not limited to the following: a pool alarm system to ensure that only authorized individuals enter the pool area; motion detectors to ensure that children do not enter the pool area after-hours; closed-circuit television cameras to monitor the areas leading to the swimming pool. Partitions separate the entrances, waiting areas, toilets and changing rooms from the water.

Won in 2015: 46 gold medals, 40 silver medals, 19 bronze medals

Basketball Tournament Wins (Boys and Girls) 2011-2015: Gold: 13, Silver: 6, Bronze: 3

Football Tournament Wins (Boys and Girls) 2011-2015: Gold: 5, Silver: 4, Bronze: 5

Swimming Tournament Wins (Boys and Girls) 2011-2016 Gold: 7