Student Life at AA

The student life office at Amman Academy is the heart of our student body. It is a buzzing office constantly planning for events, trips, celebrations, fundraisers, community service and creating a perfect balance between fun and education.

Our student life officers act as catalysts of empowerment for our students allowing them to take on increasingly challenging events that sharpen their understanding of responsibility and team spirit. All this contributes to character building through initiative, creativity and a genuine sense of belonging to the local and world communities.

In the lower grades (1-4), the SLO organizes special theme days for our students that provide them with the opportunity to engage in activities that reinforce the idea that school and learning are fun in addition to field trips. Field trips ensure that our students are applying school-based knowledge and skills to life while they are enjoying new out-of-school experiences.

In the upper grades (5-12), we strongly believe that in order for student life to be an intrinsic part of the school atmosphere, our students need to be leaders in the development, organization and execution of their own activities.