Media Centers

Main Media Center


The main media center caters to our MYP students, offering over 75,000 books in Arabic, English and French. All students attend a weekly reading class in the media center during which they may choose a book to borrow. Parents are also welcome to borrow books.


In addition to desktops, the media center provides students with laptops which they can borrow to complete their work. IPads are a very effective research tool and are being provided for use to students in all grades starting from KG. The media center is also equipped with sophisticated library systems that give students access to millions of research reports, cultural and academic publications, and millions of books. Two major systems that we are currently using are Questia and Destiny.


Grades 11 and 12 students also have access to the DP Research Room on the DP floor. This quiet space is available to students throughout the day with access to the Internet, journal articles, books, newspapers and other resources.


Main Media Center (1)

Main Media Center's Entrance & Lobby

Media Center (2)

Main Media Center's Reading & Research Area

DP Research Room

Diploma Research Room for Grade 11 & 12 Students

Desktops Provided for Students 

KG Library


At Amman Academy, students are encouraged at an early age to read and to use the KG library and its PCs and iPads for reference and research work. To foster a love of reading in our children, we make sure that they visit the media center every week to select and read Arabic and English books. The Kindergarten library currently contains over 7,000 English and Arabic stories for our students to choose from. These are updated continuously to provide the children with the latest bestsellers in addition to titles relevant to the themes and units covered throughout the year.

KG Students Enjoying Their Books


KG Library's Reading Area


Primary Media Center


Our primary classrooms have their own grade-appropriate media center located in the heart of the stage. The newly established primary school media center is equipped and designed to meet the needs of this age group. The media center is stocked with over 13,000 books in both English and Arabic, and students can come during the day to read, and can borrow English and Arabic books to read at home. Various resources are available for students and teachers to support the learning process, in addition to iPads for student use. Our students can enjoy the media center’s facilities during class hours, breaks, and after school.  


Primary Media Center

Primary Media Center Reading Area & iPad Station