Why Amman Academy

We trust that these critical areas of consideration will help you to select the best school for your children and to determine how Amman Academy meets your expectations.

• The school’s academic results over the course of several years

• The school’s mission and philosophy and their compatibility with your child’s personality and family expectations

• Administration and management’s reputation and achievements to ensure that your children are in good hands capable of caring for and educating them

• The emphasis on Arabic language instruction, as proficiency in Arabic will be a great advantage in your children’s lives and future careers

• The emphasis on English language instruction and students’ English proficiencies since English is your child’s gateway to the world through technology, communication and business

• The level of investment the school provides in technology and its integration into education

• The effectiveness of the offered academic programs in developing life-long learners

• The emphasis on building students' character to ensure that they are ready for a complex and competitive life ahead



Scholarships in 2015

worth $2,238,932
Pass Rate

from 2008-2015 (7 years)

More than
300 graduates

(both national/international) in the last 5 years

Number of
students accepted at Ivy League universities

to date:


In addition to the general considerations offered above, there are three other areas to judge a prospective school by. These include:

Social Environment

How does the school provide for the kind of environment your child needs? Does the school have a safe, disciplined and cultured environment? Does it offer programs to build student character? How does the school use sports, drama, music, art, and other activities to achieve its goals?

Physical Environment

Does the school offer safe and comfortable learning spaces and facilities to enhance the learning experience?


Since self-discipline is a prerequisite for excellence in education, professional careers and in social life, how does the school ensure that self-discipline is being practiced across all grade levels?


Does the school provide a clear and complete picture of what it does and how it accomplishes its goals?