All buses are owned and operated by the school to serve its students while providing the highest standards of safety and control. Each bus is equipped with a speed monitor, first aid kits, wastebaskets, mid-height safety bars on the windows, surveillance cameras, sensors, a GPS system, and a feature that prevents the bus from moving while the door is open.

We are keen on making our buses a model of cleanliness, order and safety. To this end, we appoint experienced drivers who are capable of driving with a high level of responsibility and alertness. Our bus attendants deal with parents and students with professionalism and courteousness.

Registering for the School Bus Service
Students can renew their school bus registration for the upcoming year by filling out the school bus service renewal form which is distributed at the end of the academic year. The form must be filled out and returned to the school within two weeks from the date of its distribution.

Parents must inform the transportation department in writing of any change in their home address or arrival instructions and must send a new map showing the location of the new residential address.

Parents of new students who would like to register their children in the school bus service are kindly requested to pass by the transportation office to fill out the registration form. Please have a map ready to help the bus driver reach your home, and we will notify you of our initial approval in due course.

• Registration is on first-come first served basis.
• Priority will be given to students who register for round-trip transportation.
• For more information, please contact one of the transportation service numbers: 0797349782 / 0799098031.

Areas Covered by the School Bus Route
We provide transportation only to areas within a reasonable distance from school. Routes are determined at the beginning of the school year based on distance and the number of passengers.

Transportation Policy
• At the beginning of the school year, students who are registered in the school bus service are provided with a bus timetable indicating pick-up time in the morning.
• For their safety, students must be ready for the bus in the morning five minutes ahead of their scheduled pick-up time. Promptness is required; the bus must depart on time and will not wait for any student as this would result in the other students arriving late to school.
• At the end of the school day, the bus will not wait more than 5 minutes after the scheduled departure time from school so as not to delay the students already on the bus. Therefore, students must board their buses immediately after their last period. Parents must pick up late children from school as the school will not be responsible for taking them back home and will consider canceling the bus service for students who are repeatedly late in boarding.
• The bus attendant will accompany KG and Grades 1-4 students while crossing the street when necessary and will hand them over to their parents or authorized persons. If nobody is waiting to receive the child, the bus attendant will return the child to school, and the school will contact the child’s parents to pick him/her up from school.
• The school will not accept any changes to the transportation schedule or to the student’s assigned bus for any reason whatsoever. We must insist on this for our students’ safety.
• Parents may not accompany their children in the school bus except in very exceptional cases and with prior arrangement with the school’s management.
• The bus driver is obliged to drop off students at their own homes only. We do not accept requests from parents for their children to be dropped off at the homes of friends or relatives.
• We do not accept any requests from parents of bus children, whether by phone or in writing, asking that their children leave the school with friends or relatives.
• The school will not be responsible for students who remain after school hours or for any accidents that may occur. We provide transportation for late departures only for students taking part in pre-scheduled after school activities.

School Bus Rules We expect all our students to adhere to the following school rules, failure to do so may result in cancellation of the student’s bus service and possibly other disciplinary measures.

- All school rules apply in the school buses as well
- Compliance with the instructions of the drivers and the bus attendants
- Respectful and courteous relations with drivers, attendants and other students
- Heads and limbs must be kept inside the bus at all times
- Standing in the aisles or near the doors is not allowed
- Students are to remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop. A seating plan is displayed in each bus indicating the name and seat location of each student
- Littering and graffiti are not allowed. Waste bins are available on all buses
- Objects may not be thrown from the bus windows at any time
- Students must board their assigned bus only to their own homes
- Food, drinks and chewing gum are prohibited. Exceptions for food and drink are made on special school trips
- Students will be held liable for any damage caused by them to the buses

25 buses
4 surveillance cameras on each bus
Sensors on each bus
1 GPS system on each bus
1 feature on each bus that prevents it from moving while the door is open